About Us

Hello!!! 👋

Welcome to our website! Being pet owners ourselves we know the responsibility and commitment it takes to have a furry friend. Whether it be a dog, cat or rabbit (you name it), owning a pet requires a lot of care. Especially when it comes to cleaning up after them. We understand the effort pet owners make to care for their animals.

At PetStroke we specialize in coming up with products that make it easy for our customers to clean up pet fur.  We understand the hassle of cleaning up fur from our furniture, clothes and carpets.  Recently we launched our new (now best-selling) Fur/Lint Removing Brush.

Our aim at PetStroke is to provide high quality, uncomplicated and efficient products for our customers and create and easy and enjoyable shopping experience. Don't worry, we've got you!!

👉Our New Customer Favorite Brush